Solarvillages - alternative energy sources and sustainable technologies.

In the course of a public tender, IFCO, a subsidiary of the National Iranian Oil Company, had officially invited us to set up a test station of water heating collectors to ensure energy supply for a public bath.

The overall scope of the tender comprises 1000 public baths in cities and towns across Iran, and some 200,000 private facilities.

A sample bank of solar collectors was provided for the Iranian energy agency IFCO, to serve for energy supply to public facilities.

Furthermore 200 villages will be equiped with solar energy supplyment

In the course of the official visit by Austrian President Dr. Thomas Klestil to Iran in January 2004, a memorandum had been signed on enhanced cooperation with IFCO (Iranian Fuel Conservation Organization).
The energy partnership thus forged will contribute research and studies towards the goal of lowering oil consumption in Iraq. National and international partners will join in know-how transfer in the fields of alternative energy sources and sustainable technologies.