Thalhammergut Housing Development
Salzburg, Austria

The building plot is situated east of the city center of Hallein between the highway and the railway lines, and next to the most important access road, the capacity of which is to be doubled in the near future, entailing considerable noise pollution.
The commercial and residential buildings to be constructed along the road are to provide noise protection for the residential areas behind them.

The roundabout to the north forms the most important point of access to the city.
The location is nevertheless peripheral, lacking integration into urban structures.
To promote that integration, and create a distinctive atmosphere around the access area, the planned residential buildings follow the circular shape of the roundabout in the northern section of the plot.
Though only in a fragmentary fashion, a square is created where the roundabout becomes more than a mere technical element.

At the crossing point of the existing and planned pedestrian and cyclist paths, a small chapel is to be constructed.

Cooperation with Prof. Meuwissen