Low-energy buildings should be neither expensive nor elitist.
Strategies for energy optimization, and therefore lower operating costs, can always be implemented, without causing additional expenses in design and construction.

Average heating energy consumption comes to 250 kWh/m²a for Austrian building stock, to 120 kWh/m²a for new construction in accordance with the Heat Insulation Regulation of 1995, to 40 kWh/m²a for low-energy buildings and to 18 kWh/m²a for passive solar housing.
Fuel oil demand is scaled accordingly (see graph).

In our construction projects, average heating energy consumption comes to 32 kWh/m²a, which corresponds to heating energy costs as much as 70% lower than those of comparable buildings.
As 70-80% of energy consumption in private households goes towards heating energy, these results mean a significant reduction of operating costs.