“Improving the Social Dialogue for EnergyEfficient Social Housing (ISEES)”


The purpose of this project is to examine the rationality behind the consumers’ choices and to protect valuable infrastructure from obsolescence, particularly by integrating renewable energy sources, rationale use of energy measures in social housing and by developing options to improve efficient energy supply.

The projects aims to show how energy user behaviour and energy consumption in social housing in selected EU Member States (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania) and accession countries (Bulgaria) differ and compare with the energy intensity and user behaviour in other countries. The user behaviour in selected multi-family houses shall be assessed using standardized measuring equipment over a whole heating period. The data will be collected and evaluated according to the specific countries’ situation and climatic zones (north, middle and south European zones).

As a result of these assessments the project wants to implement a “social dialogue” between users, housing associations, energy utilities and municipalities, in order to

• identify the problems connected to energy use in social housing (from a supply and demand side view) and
• provide the involved stakeholders with appropriate technical solutions and socioeconomic tools to optimise the energy use in social housing

Project Consortium

Leading Team and Partners:

Austrian Consulting Engineers Group ZT-KEG, Vienna AT
KWI Management Consultants & Auditors GmbH, Vienna AT
Inter-University Research Centre for Technology, Work and Culture, Graz AT
Energy for Sustainable Development Ltd, Corsham UK
CITYPLAN spol. s r.o., Prague CZ
Energy Centre Bratislava, Bratislavia SK
Lithuanian Energy Institute, Kaunas LT
Sofia Energy Centre, Sofia BG