Design Intent

The goal of Lari & Associates is to improve living standards while reducing environmental impact through the development and realization of optimal solutions with the highest design quality. Whether urban planning, residential design or commercial development the individual and his/her needs is one central concern. The other is to develop a user-friendly ecology in each of our projects. Especially in the field of low energy housing conception, Lari & Associates has planned and realized both trend-setting and internationally acknowledged projects.

1991 Lari & Associates was awarded the Austrian National Housing Prize for the project „Solar Housing Plabutsch” in Graz. This project showed pioneer work in the field of solar housing, whereby energy costs were reduced by 70 %.

1992 Lari & Associates was awarded the Austrian Ecology Prize.

1998 Lari & Associates was nominated for the Austrian National Prize in Consulting of Exportable Services for the project Owainati Office Centre in Amman/Jordan. The project is a model development of work and lifestyle in the metropolis; an office complex that can be used around the clock.

In 2001 the office was honoured to be nominated for the Austrian National Prize in Consulting of Exportable Services for the planning of the Holiday Inn in Amman.

Case study projects such as the ecological and economical renovation of pre-cast panel buildings or the development and implementation of strategies to reduce global warming are inherent parts of Lari & Associates.

Research projects regarding low cost, low energy housing, or the examination of end user behaviour to develop energy saving strategies have always been central in the works of Lari & Associates. Research, like solar cooling, is groundbreaking for the future of our climate and presents another focal point in the interest of Lari & Associates.